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Bumboo - Introducing the Backcountry Bidet

The Backcountry Bidet

A Guide to Pooping in the Woods

bumboo bamboo toilet paper

With the current state of the world it's awesome to see how people are drawn to the outdoors. We live for a good weekend in the backcountry or getting lost near your favorite campsite. At Bumboo we want to make sure your sessions in the woods are taken responsibly so we put together a few tips, tricks, and best practices on the backcountry bidet.

Before we drop-trou there’s an important distinction to make, first off, if and when you can, always bring a shit sack and pack your poo out with you. This is absolutely best practice for the back-country bidet you can enjoy all the views with no impact on the natural eco-system. Below are my favorite solutions.


The Business Bucket

toilet lid 5 gallon bucket لم يسبق له مثيل الصور +

Take your least favorite 5-gallon bucket, add a toilet seat or padded rim, and give it a go! Here is a video on how to do so, this is the best-case scenario for taking a dump in the woods and taking it home to throw away. For $15 or less you have a toilet ready for any adventure.


Link to making a $15 business bucket --> HERE


Coffee Canister Bidet

-After you finish that morning coffee and the thoughts are flowing, use the canister as a mobile, sealable toilet for single-use sessions.


When in Doubt, Bag it Out!

-It’s not the prettiest way to go… but unfolding a garbage bag on the ground and opening it up for good use always a way to get the job done. Seal it up and you’re on the road!


Now that we wiped that up, here are some tips for when you cant pack out your sheet.


Step 1: Make sure you have the appropriate supplies

  • Bumboo! – 100% bamboo toilet paper

  • Shovel

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Willingness to wander


Step 2: Find an appropriate spot

  • Make sure you are 200 ft from the closest trail, campsite or water source. That’s rivers, ponds, and streams.
  • Find loose and rich soil in a sunny location,


Step 3: Dig a hole

  • Make sure to dig a hole a minimum of 6inches deep and wide enough to accommodate all of your waste.
  • Don’t throw the dirt from the hole too far, because you need to bury your droppings.
  • If the ground is too hard or rocky to dig a 6in hole, use a pile of rocks, shrubs, or sticks to cover your session.


Step 4: Get to business

  • Use as little toilet paper as possible to make sure you are not leaving un-natural substances in the ground.
  • As mentioned above, do your best to take the toilet paper with you when you pack out.

Step 4: Cover up your tracks

  • Fill in the hole with the rich soil you just dug up.
  • Tamp the loose soil with your foot to cover any smells or trace that you were there.
  • Place rocks or branches over your hole to discourage animals from digging in the zone.



  • Using a proper 6ft shovel will give you something to lean on while on the loo
  • Don’t toss your TP too far away so you can grab it mid-session when you need it
  • Setting up ashop next to a tree or over a log can provide some pretty epic support for your session.



Happy wiping!