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Bumboo - The 10 Mountain Manners with Campfire Ranch!

The 10 Mountain Manners from Campfire Ranch

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For people new to the outdoors camping can be a bit daunting to explore on your own, where do you go? What do you bring? Is it safe? The only way to know is to go, this is why we want to introduce you to Campfire Ranch. Our good friend Sam Degenhard is breaking down the barrier to entry for campers entering the outdoors in a responsible way. Teaching you all about Mountain Manners, Common Hazards and a Camper Code to set yourself and our natural world up for success. An environment fit for everyone from the curious and casual camper to the seasoned outdoorsman, Campfire Ranch is here for a good time while the sun is high in the sky!

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Let’s look at the 10 Mountain Manners from Campfire Ranch


  1. Preserve the beauty that brought you here.

  2. Reduce vehicle use by carpooling.

  3. Smile when putting in the miles, in Colorado a smile and a wave is standard protocol on any backcountry trail!

  4. Gather your garbage, even if it’s not yours.

  5. Respect wildlife and plants.

  6. Pack out or bury your poo!

  7. Rinse and wash (dishes etc.) away from water sources.

  8. Never pick wildflowers.

  9. Keep your OHV (Dirt bike, Jeep etc.) on legal trails.

  10. Buy a fishing license.




We’re speaking from experience here, early in the summer as the wildflowers blossomed, we packed up our bikes, fishing rods, and coolers to see what it was all about. A weekend spent on the Taylor River in Crested Butte packed with wine and coffee tastings, music around the fire, paddleboard demos, great food with great friends, and your choice of either guided activities or the local beta on where to find the goods.


Campfire Ranch isn't for me! I already love the outdoors and know what I'm doing... 

Let’s not be confused, Campfire Ranch is for everyone, at Bumboo we love the outdoors and are prepared for just about everything it can throw at us (fingers crossed) however, we had a blast with local beta on the best biking trails, fishing holes, and spots in town for killer grub. It was the perfect balance of our outdoor priorities and a smooth weekend of camping.

The untold perks of Campfire Ranch…

  1. Free firewood, this cannot be understated, wood can be expensive and you don’t want to strip our forests.
  2. Bathrooms, stocked with only the best bamboo toilet paper!
  3. Fire rings and picnic tables.
  4. Unmatched local knowledge of the surrounding area.
  5. The incredibly reasonable price given the amenities, for example, a national forest campsite can cost up to $35/night per spot, for only $45/night you get a curated and guided camping experience… did I mention free firewood… at a standard national forest, campsite bundles go for $10-$12.
  6. Fresh drinking water.

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 If you’re interested in booking a weekend with Campfire Ranch check out their website and book now to make the most of this summer! 


Happy Wiping - Bumboo