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Bumboo - Inaugural Sh*t Ticket Enduro

Inaugural Shit Ticket Enduro

July 24th, 2020

Beer, Bikes, Babes, Bros and Bumboo!

bumboo enduro

What does this have to do with 100% bamboo toilet paper?

Nothing! the Shit Ticket Enduro is all about looking good, going fast and keeping it loose! The inaugural event went down this past weekend in a secret location off the maps, where the beer flows like wine and loam settles like the foam in a cold Coors Banquet. A three-day weekend spent pedaling around the San Juan’s on some of the best trails that Colorado has to offer.

Meet The Riders! 

Ryan Cross

Ryan Cross:

An ex-pro world-class beer drinker currently road tripping across the US hungry for single track. Ryan comes in as a sleeper crowd favorite, fresh off the bench as a surprise, season-saving derailleur fix put him back on course for the finals! 


kate mclaughlin

Kate McLaughlin:

Hanging up the running shoes for a pair of clipless pedals Kate is a renaissance renegade ripper, with the speed, momentum, and endurance to back it up. Coming off the line hot with style, Kate was looking to wipe up the competition. 


jacob strohl

Jake (Ja_Kobe) Strohl:

An absolute pavement-pounding throttle jockey, aiming for all of the top seats at the inaugural enduro. Jake recently learned where the brakes were located and still chooses to grease up his pads before hitting the road. Fueled by espresso, Coors Banquet and a thirst for breaking carbon rims well have to see how Jake takes to the flat land slalom. 


AJ Shere

AJ (Dad) Shere:

Top-tier father to a junior mini-mega and our only sponsored athlete in the filed. AJ is easy on the eyes when he's spotted standing still, however that's a rare sight with this speed shade slayer when he's locked into his iron horse! 


Kristen Smith

Kristen (K-Scrilla) Smith:

Fueled up on life Kristen will pack a punch on the pedals and put almost any Texan in the dust. A pint-sized powerhouse at the heart of the enduro with sights on the champaign shower at the end! 


corbin clement 

Corbin (Carbon) Clement:

Born at mile high, rumors are his bones are made of carbon, lungs are forged from steel, and abs are chiseled from slabs of Rocky Mountain Granite! A high performing machine embodying peak performance we put Corbin in as the timer because it's assumed everyone is competing for second place. 


Let The Race Begin! 

bamboo toilet paper bumboo
Fueling up at the libation station everyone was three sheets to the wind by the time the first rider took the course. A savage slalom course winding through the flats of a wide-open campsite really separated the technically tuned, and the high side blowouts! 
bumboo toilet paper
The women field was stacked, after an intense round one and done, a random Texan cam out of nowhere fo the win. Some would call it a thirst trap, others would say its pure power, whatever it was her hardtail action slid right into the Bumboo hall of fame and hearts of thousands! 
bumboo shit ticket enduro
Racer Ryan slipping a pedal on the back 29er, this small slip up was no indication of poor form, moreover, it was a sign of speed and power as he locked into those khakis and sealed his ticket for first place! 
bumboo toilet paper
With a fire ban throughout The Rockies, the crew huddled around a cooler as the second-best source of heat. Beer jackets buttoned up and LED's turned to blue, we'll let your imagination fill in the rest with where the night went. 
bumboo toilet paper
Shoot us an email for an invite to next years Shit Ticket Enduro!
Happy wiping!