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Bumboo - How does Bumboo compare to brands like Charmin?

How does hardwood toilet paper size up against Bumboo? 

We give a sheet about what you put on your tush, that's why we've developed the highest quality bamboo toilet paper on the market. Bumboo is softer to the touch and stronger on the tush. Deliberate decisions made to follow through on our promise, along with the natural benefits of bamboo come together to give you the best sheets out there.


"Our number one goal was to make toilet paper more sustainable and what we learned in the process, blew us away!"


Below are our 5 main takeaways:

Bamboo is the most sustainable alternative to hardwood toilet paper

We’ll wipe into this deeper as it deserves its own post, but here is what you need to know. Hardwood toilet paper is made up of 70% hardwood and 30% softwood. Hardwood takes anywhere from 50-80 years to grow to harvest, Bumboo takes only 3-5. Think of the water, time and energy put into that sheet!


Bumboo aims to reduce the number of harmful chemicals used in production

Hardwood toilet paper companies use harmful chemicals in their production process to strip their toilet paper of all coloring to make you think you’re wiping with fluffy white clouds. In reality, trees aren’t pure white, and we believe toilet paper shouldn’t be either. We have nothing to hide, we can’t reduce all of the harmful chemicals used in production, however, we’ve chosen to move away from bleach and keep it all natural!


Most natural toilet papers are scented? We say… who gives a crap!

What does Bumboo smell like? Great question, it doesn’t! We don’t use any chemicals to make our TP smell like a field of flowers. You make think your sheet don’t stink, but when you get a little bit closer, you’ll realize it smells like pooo ohhh ohhh!


bumboo toilet paper


Bamboo naturally binds together stronger than hardwood toilet paper

We will be the fist to call it out, our 3-ply sheets will separate when you tear them off of the roll. That’s because we don’t use any chemical binders to hold the three sheets together. Bamboo naturally binds together stronger and without any added binders we have some of the toughest sheets in the game! Order a 24-pack to try it yourself!


Double-sided for your pleasure ;)

We promise Bumboo is soft as a panda and strong as a bear, with two sides to bring this promise to life. Side-one is soft as a baby pandas bottom, no texture, embossed logos, or crazy prints. We give you a smooth blank canvas to leave your mark! Side-two is strong as a bear. Strong yet subtle bumps are made for the dirty work. Coming together you have the perfect sheet for every wipe!   


To recap, bamboo is a more sustainable resource, we reduce the use of harmful chemicals with unbleached and unscented toilet paper that doesn’t use chemical binders, and lastly, we keep to our promise that Bumboo is soft as a panda and strong as a bear!

Happy wiping!