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Why Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Why Bumboo?
Bumboo is the most sustainable alternative to hardwood toilet paper. Yup, you read that right, your current toilet paper is made up of 70% hardwood and 30% softwood. Think of hardwood floors, cabinets, skateboards etc. 
Hardwoods path to harvest....
Hardwood trees take anywhere from 40 to 80 years to grow to size for harvest, and mature trees take up to 11,000 gallons of water per growing season! Cutting down one of these trees produces on average 200 rolls of toilet paper. Are you getting the picture.... 
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Reduce Deforestation
It's simply unsustainable to continue cutting down our forests at this rate for shit tickets. We Give A Sheet and want you to Give A Sheet too! 
Bumboo's path to harvest....
Certain species of bamboo are the fastest growing plant on earth, growing up to 3ft per day! Now that's not what Bumboo is made of, however, stocks harvested to make Bumboo are ready to harvest in just 3-5 years. They come from government-funded bamboo farms used to stimulate the economy in rural areas of China. 
Our Mission
Softer to the touch, and stronger to the toosh. We love the outdoors and believe the future of our natural world lies in the hands of those who use it most. As outdoor lovers we are doing all we can to preserve pow days, and slashin waves! 
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